Vantastic Hero White Almond Chocolate Bar

A slightly cartoonish chocolate bar package, with nuts shooting in all directions, and the words :"vegan HERO" emblazoned across the middle.
Vegan Hero

Vantastic Hero White Almond Chocolate Bar

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Ingredients : sugar *, rice powder (20%) (dried rice syrup *, rice starch *, rice flour *), almonds * (20%), cocoa butter * (20%), almond paste * (10%), rice starch * (3.5% ), natural vanilla flavor *, cocoa mass * (0.4%), emulsifier: soy lecithin *, salt, hazelnut * (* = from organic farming). 

I had never heard of a Hero before encountering this new chocolate bar, but this is absolutely delicious and has jumped right up my list of favourite bars.

The packaging is professionally designed and tasteful. It looks and feels exactly like a chocolate bar in its packaging should look. It isn’t shy about being a vegan treat, but it doesn’t excuse dreadful flavour by pretending that being vegan makes it healthy. It knows it’s a chocolate bar and you’re going to enjoy it like a chocolate bar.

The rice powder gives it a slight flavour of breakfast cereal but this wasn’t unpleasant, in fact quite the opposite. I love rice based chocolates, and this is one of those done excellently. It’s thick, creamy, and rich, but it is unmistakeably rice, so if you don’t like rice milk chocolates very much you might not like this one.

They have not been mean on the almond at all – the bar is almost chunks of delicious almond held together with chocolate. The almond has been prepared to be very flaky and smooth, contrasting wonderfully with the slightly soft white chocolate.

The vanilla comes through wonderful to be soft and tasteful without being overwhelming. After swallowing I am left with fragments of almond and the delicious sweet vanilla white chocolate that makes up this bar. If this were a fragrance I would absolutely buy and wear it.

I’d love it if they made and sold the chocolate in this separately, as a plain white chocolate bar. It’s so tasty and I’d really enjoy it on its own. As a whole, this is the best nut bar I’ve tasted thus far.

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